Custom Textures

What are custom textures? Why do I care?

To put it simply, you do or you don’t…
Textures are the colors, shapes, and text on your avatars. Ranging from tattoos, to logo’s and designs on your clothes. If standing out, having an avatar that’s truly you is something you want, we got you.

How custom is ‘custom’?

How custom do you want? From simple color adjustments to a complete new look! check out these before and after pictures:

Okay, okay… But how expensive are you?

Actually, that’s what really sets us apart from the others. Professional grade edits, small business prices. No prices are set until the work has been agreed upon and a plan is discussed. Starting from $5 simple logo additions, to full blown body/clothes/accessories design. All of this is discussed and no “hidden fee” surprises added. Yes, we hate that crap too…