What do you mean “Questify”?

Questifying means to make an avatar Quest compatible. Since 90% of avatars made are designed for and by PC users, Quest users (Questies) get left put in the rain. Questifying makes the avatar able to be uploaded and seen for quest users. No more robots!

Okay, but why should we care?

Some of our best friends don’t have $3000 to drop on a gaming PC and VR setup. Quest provides a cheaper option, but requires specific changes and spec’s to be useable for them. We take your “Super totally awesome” avatar and convert it to Questy friendly.

What’s it take to “Questify” an avatar?

  • VRChat-shaders
  • Reduced overall texture size/quality
  • Removal of extra assets (as needed)

How much does it cost?

Like everything else, this depends on the level of difficulty.
For example:
Most basic Booth avatars are fairly easy to edit. But “Dancer” avatars require new textures, asset removal, particle removal, etc. These take hours to complete and would require a larger fee.