Commissions Status – OPEN!

About Me

Hello! What would you like to know?

  • Experience
    VRChat: 4 years
    Unity: 1 year
    Blender: Lol… no 🙁
    Substance Painter: 1 year
    Software Engineer: 15 Years
    Graphic Design: 15 years
    Quest Friendly: Yes
    PC Friendly: Yes
  • Hobbies: VRC, Gaming, Motorcycles, Pets (Love my pup), Anime, (Insert nerdy thing here).

Terms of Service

Simply put, if I can do it, I will. As long as you’re patient and continue to be clear about what you want, I’ll continue to work with you. Karen’s will be blocked… If you have no idea what you want, please tell me so we can come up with a design together. Putting an idea into text is easy enough, but after the 15th edit because you don’t know what you want, I’ll drop the commission.

I’m easy going, but you need to be clear and work with me on what you want. Be clear and have a good idea of what you want.

I do not provide Avatars or their assets. Any avatars or assets you want need to be purchased prior to the work being started and provided when the commission has been agreed upon by both parties.

Payment is due upon completion, not prior.

No refunds! Once you accept the package as is, that’s it. No more changes (excluding if the whole thing is broken and won’t upload for some reason.). If you want to change a texture, add a feature you didn’t mention before, etc. It will be treated as a new commission.

Each purchase gets 3 edits. After the 3rd edit, any further edits requested will be an additional $5 charge.

Available Services