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♡ Commission Status – Open!

My name is Lynxi, Lushy or you can call me Mushy.

I am a adult CIS female, (I havent changed my gender I go by she/him). I am a very welcoming and friendly person and I like to be treated the same way that I treat others, or else there is no respect for one another. I enjoy messing with Unity and Blender every now and then doing things with the customers I havent done before because its exciting. I love making new friends I just have a hard time starting or ending conversations, so please be understanding. If I am doing a commission for you I will do my best to make sure it is finished within a timely manner. Doing commissions is my side job at the moment because I can only see it as a hobby and not something I will constantly be working with. Anyways though have a good day and thank you so much for reading.

  • #1 – If I am doing your avatar please do not rush me, I will get stressed and wont want to finish your avatar. I will constantly give you preivews of what I have done.
  • #2 – I will not work with you if you do not know what kind of avatar you are looking for, please know what you want before coming to me.
  • #3 – Payment arrangements can be discussed in DM’s to see what you and I are more comfortable with. I am fine with negotiating prices however, the prices are already very fair so I might decline.
  • #4 – I am a very understanding person, don’t be afraid to ask questions. DM my discord or shoot me a friend request!
  • #5 – If you want me to add certain things to your avatar please have the assets or clothing provided, doing so you will be charged less.
  • #6 – At any given time I am allowed to stop your commission if I feel that it is needed.

  • #7 I will refuse to do any sort of commission with you if both me and you dont have the same avatar model.

  • #8 I will not share or provide any “free” assets or models to you, I will link all of the creators assets you are looking for in your DM’s.

  • #9 Once you have accepted your commissioned product it is officially yours and will be permanently deleted off of my device, it will be your property and I do not have to attend to it. If there are errors with the project feel free to reach out and I will be able to fix it when available.

  • #10 Deadline rushes are only accepted if I am busy, if I decline a deadline rush then I am free.

♡ Constant Indecisiveness ♡ Extra $5, I do not wish to commission people who come to me looking for me to create them an avatar and you not know what you want. It takes up to much time for me to be doing what you actually want.

♡ Particles & Animations ♡ Ranging from $5-15 It all just depends on how much work it will take to create what you are looking for.

♡ Clothing & Props ♡ Between $5-25 the amount of clothing and/or props being added or how hard it is to add them.

♡ Simple Avatar Changes ♡ $5 Because its fairly easy and doesnt take to much time.

♡ Retexturing Models ♡ Depending on how long it will take me, $10-120 along with how much work I am putting into it.

♡ Blender Models ♡ Ranges, $75-200 if the avatar is simple comparing to complex.

♡ Unity Ready Blender Models ♡ Would be $115-250 for creating the model in Blender and having to put it together in Unity so it is ready for VRChat.

♡ Deadline Rush ♡ Depending if I am busy $15 I can increase your commission speed within a few hours to, 1-2 days.

  • ♡ Blender Work ♡ I will not do any models from scratch however I can take base models and accessories and put them together for Unity to make it VRChat available.

  • ♡ Toggles & Radial Puppets ♡ This means that I can create buttons so a object appears or do hue shifts and more.

  • ♡ Contacts & Reactions ♡ Contacters and reactions are well.. A reaction made in VRChat, contacters are used for (example) – Headpats, someone gives you a pat and your avatars face will smile.

  • ♡ Quest Compatibility ♡ I can make avatars that are PC only available for quest users to see! However this may be in a result of the QUEST VERSION having less accessories or high quality textures.

  • ♡ Props & Clothing ♡ I can attatch clothing and props onto your avatar.

  • ♡ Retextures ♡ I can do retextures!

  • ♡ Uploads ♡ I can do simple and complex uploads.

More Info about what I wont do. I will not do these things because I am inexperienced or I choose not to do so.

  • I will not do animations from the ground up, I am inexperienced and maybe that will be something I learn later on.

  • I will not build avatars from scratch, I can use body bases but I will not do scratch.

  • I will not do blendshapes, rigging or viseme editing.

  • I will not do audiolink. If you are interested in having someone do audiolink be sure to contact Warm!

  • I will not give you free assets or models! But if you are interested in the model I will be happy to link the creators page.

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